Universities and other academic institutions will enjoy a simplified procedure of obtaining work permit and other documents which they have been seeking for several years.

The Law on Amendments of the Legal Status of Foreigners in the Russian Federation creates a more favourable working environment for highly-qualified foreign specialists invited to work in Russia.  It became effective in July 2010. .The law introduces a new category of “highly qualified specialist”, which is defined as a foreign national (coming to Russia with or without visa) having experience, skills and achievements in a certain sphere and earning 2 million rubles (approximately 50 000 Euros) or more per annum. According to the Regulations a work permit and an invitation to enter Russia are issued without quotas regularly established by the Russian Government for the validity of a concluded employment (civil) contract with an employer inviting such a specialist, but for no more than 3 years. The immigration authorities have to issue a work permit within 14 days of the submission of an application, and it can be renewed for three year periods within the validity of an employment (civil) contract. Mobility is substantially enhanced, if the specialist plans to work in several regions of Russia, one work permit covering these regions can be issued. The employers should themselves assess the qualification of specialists according to his/her documents/education credentials, references and other information demonstrating professional experience and skills. The employer bears responsibility for ensuring that the specialist and his family are covered by voluntary medical insurance from the first day of entering Russia. The organisations which can employ such specialists include both Russian commercial entities, scientific and educational institutions. So universities and other academic institutions will enjoy this simplified procedure which they have been seeking for several years.


See the details at: On 1 July, 2010 the Federal Law dated 19 May, 2010 #86-FZ “On amendments to the Federal Law “On the legal status of foreign nationals in the Russian Federation” and other normative acts of the Russian Federation” will come into force. URL: http://www.hg.org/article.asp?id=19247