In the Budget Address to the Government and Federal Assembly on budget policy for 2011-2013  Dmitry Medvedev outlined the main objectives of budget policy.

Investment in high quality education and research remains top priority of the Russian Government:

we need to continue investing money in high-quality education at all levels, ranging from implementing the Our New School initiative to developing national research and federal universities, as well as reforming the network of specialised vocational schools. It is also clear that businesses must be involved in these projects. Their involvement is not even a matter of philanthropy; rather, it is in the true interest of businesses to train high-quality professionals.

In addition to supporting the development of our own scientific schools, we should implement instruments to attract highly qualified foreign specialists to work in Russia’s science and education system, as well as implement large-scales programmes to educate and provide advanced training to Russian specialists at the best educational centres abroad.


For details and the text of the address: http://eng.news.kremlin.ru/news/521