NTF mission:

сomprehensive support to development of an effective education and research system as a foundation of the Russian economy and society competitiveness


International Development Assistance



Russia’s system of international development assistance is being established. The strategic vision of the substance and priorities of Russia’s international development assistance policy is presented in the Concept of Russia's Participation in International Development Assistance approved by the Russian President on 14 June 2007. A legal framework for Russia’s cooperation on international development assistance is laid out by the Constitution of the Russian Federation, the Russian Foreign Policy Concept, the Russian Security Concept, and the Budget Code of the Russian Federation. The Concept of Russia's Participation in International Development Assistance is also based on the UN Charter and other international instruments such as the Millennium Declaration, the Monterrey Consensus, the Johannesburg Plan of Implementation of the World Summit on Sustainable Development, the 2005 World Summit Outcome, the Paris Declaration, etc.

The National Training Foundation is deeply committed to the goals of development and aims to contribute to understanding that education and research are essential ingredients of international cooperation for development >>> 

The National Training Foundation is a member of the Russian partnership for International Cooperation and Development >>>



« I am confident that on a par with other leading nations we will be able to make a contribution to tackling global challenges, primarily associated with economic growth and climate change. Clearly, we will work along all these directions. That is why we should intensify our efforts to establish a mechanism for implementing the recently approved Strategy of International Development Assistance. I would like to emphasise that this work should be carried out with stringent control over the expenditure of funds and with constant reference to ensuring a proper political impact for our interests.

We must improve the quality of support and increase targeted assistance to the CIS and EurAsEC, which are our most important associations.>>>

Dmitry Medvedev

Speech at meeting with Russian ambassadors and permanent representatives in international organizations July 12, 2010

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