NTF mission:

omprehensive support to development of an effective education and research system as a foundation of the Russian economy and society competitiveness


  Training Programme


Globalization, new competitive environment, new challenges and opportunities for higher education


The Programme was developed by the NTFs professionals on the ground of studies of international development trends for education systems on national and institutional levels.

The Programme target audience:

  • Heads and staff-members of state and regional ministries and authorities responsible for state policy in higher education;

  • Rectors of HEIs;

  • Vice-rectors involved into international activity, innovative scientific and educational programmes;

  • Heads and staff-members of Regional Centers for international cooperation and academic mobility.


The Programme consists of the following modules:

  • Higher education in the context of globalization

  • Forming European Higher Education Area

  • Universities autonomy and funding. Analysis of European Universities experience;

  • Innovative development models of HEIs research and education activity.


The language of teaching: Russian