NTF mission:

сomprehensive support to development of an effective education and research system as a foundation of the Russian economy and society competitiveness


Developing HEIs capacity for promoting effective international cooperation in education and research



The Programme target audience: HEIs of Russia and the CIS countries

The aim of consulting process is to promote competitiveness of HEIs in the global educational market through analysis and evaluation of their governance processes and priorities for developing international activities, including such shared objectives as creation of European Higher Education Area 2020.


To achieve this goal a number of activities are implemented within a framework of two seminars, analytical work and consultations:

First seminar

1. Analysis of the European Higher Education Area goals in the new decade, objectives for the first two-year cycle (2010-2012) and mechanisms of their implementation.

2. Analysis of international experience in modernization of education content and university governance in the context of internationalization objectives of HEIs.

3. Discussion of the university priority objectives for internationalization, its positioning in the regional and global educational markets, promoting university export capacity.

Analysis of HEI’s experience

The analysis of HEI’s experience involves: self-evaluation, external analysis of governance processes, discussion of self-evaluation results and questions arising from it with the university team during the second seminar; developing jointly the with university team practical recommendations for improving governance processes aimed at promotion of effective international cooperation.

Second seminar

Analysis of the university governance processes to develop collegially recommendations for their optimization and modernization.

1. Discussion of the analysis results and related questions with the university team during the second seminar

2. Developing jointly with the university team practical of recommendations for improving governance and promoting the HEI effective international cooperation in education and research

Duration of programme: 11 months.

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