NTF mission:

omprehensive support to development of an effective education and research system as a foundation of the Russian economy and society competitiveness


Comprehensive analysis of universities activities as an instrument for the HEI development



The Programme target audience: HEIs of Russia and the CIS countries

The aim of analysis is to reveal development potential for universities and to elaborate recommendations aimed at institutional development goals.

The comprehensive analysis of universities activities is not a quality assessment of the HEI, and it does not duplicate objectives and functions of quality assurance agencies.

The analysis methodology is based on the European University Association system for institutional evaluation aimed at assisting institutional development in accordance with its mission, objectives, national and local environment, with respect of its institutional autonomy and national education system features.

The analysis can include either all universitys processes and activities or selected spheres (education process, research activities, university governance, quality assurance system, internationalization, implementation of the main action lines of the Bologna process)

The methodology consists of the following main components:

  • preparation in cooperation with the university team of guidelines for self-evaluation in the context of university development goals and Recommendations for quality in the European  Higher Education Area

  • an introductory meeting for the universitys representatives

  • carrying out self-evaluation

  • preparation of report on self-evaluation results

  • two visits of the experts group to the university

  • the experts group report with recommendations on the university development policy areas. 


The Report and recommendations of the experts group can serve both as the basis for shaping a comprehensive university development programme, and as a starting point for specific policy areas development.

Duration of programme: 11 months