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Partnership for Modernisation

The EU and Russia hosted their 26th bilateral summit meeting in Brussels on December 2010.   The coordinators of the Partnership, Hugues Mingarelli, Deputy Director General, External Relations and Andrei Slepnev, Deputy Minister for Economic Development, together signed off on the first Progress Report of the Partnership at the 26th EU-Russia Summit in Brussels on 7th December 2010.  A workplan of agreed activities / projects is available as well. This is a working document that will be regularly updated.

The European Union and Russia launched a Partnership for Modernisation to the mutual benefit of their Citizens at the Meeting at Rostov-on-Don for their 25th Summit on May 31-June 1, 2010.  

The key words in the Joint Statement are: “to the mutual benefit of their Citizens”. Another point which makes sense to the reader of the statement is the mandate to the coordinators of the partnership of the parties to develop a work plan, and the intention to subject the dialogue to continuous monitoring, which should enhance its effectiveness and relevance. These three dimensions raise hopes that the partnership can be made into a working tool. Otherwise, the document is too unfocused in terms of departure, the means of delivery, and very vague in defining

the final destination. The objectives of promoting reform, enhancing growth and raising competitiveness are indeed shared ones, but they are shared widely beyond the EU and Russia.

The Four Spaces and sectoral dialogues intended for use as key implementation instruments have

not been very productive so far; and the New EU – Russia Agreement has been long forthcoming.

The policy areas list includes 11 items and is called not exhaustive, with more to be added as appropriate. There is a risk that it may duplicate the system of sector dialogues.

See analysis of the Russia’s modernisation agenda and how Russia’s engagement with partners in international fora can promote modernisation processes in Making the most of the Partnership for Modernization

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