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omprehensive support to development of an effective education and research system as a foundation of the Russian economy and society competitiveness


II International conference "Rationales for internationalization"



The National Training Foundation (NTF) will hold its second biannual international conference Rationales for Internationalization on the 24th of May 2012 in Moscow. The conference is organized in partnership with the Russian Council for Foreign Affairs and the Eurasian Foundation.

The aim of the conference is to reflect on diverse rationales for internationalization. The 1st session focuses on incentives for internationalization, such as economic or diplomatic gains, and respective options for strategies open to the governments given their diverse situations. The 2nd session contemplates possible regional and country choices, drawing on the experience from Asia and Europe.  Session 3 explores the challenges universities around the world face in managing internationalization and instruments they resort to. To conclude session 4 looks into the added value of measuring and evaluations of internationalization.

The conference brings together dinstiguished speakers from USA, Canada, Russia, several European and Asian countries, international organizations and associations, such as International Universities Association, Academic Cooperation Association, German Rectors Conference, International Ranking Expert Group.

Drawing on the extensive and diverse experiences presented and debated the conference participants will aim to formulate recommendation for promoting higher education internationalization in global knowledge economy.